List of Overseas Chapters


Chapter Region Founding Date Activity Status
Calcutta Calcutta January, 1917 Sleep
Bombay Maharashtra State and surrounding areas including Bombay City, India September, 1957 Sleep
Delhi India and New Delhi neighboring areas April, 2007 Active
South India Tamil Nadu and Karnataka May, 2014 Active
Jakarta Indonesia May, 1970 Active
Cambodia Cambodia July, 2013 Active
Seoul The Republic of Korea April, 1976 Active
Singapore Singapore June, 1914 Active
Bangkok Bangkok City December, 1942 Active
Taiwan Taiwan October, 1959 Active
Taiwan Taiwan October, 1959 Active
Shanghai Shanghai City and neighboring areas September, 1986 Active
Dailan Dailan City and environs November, 1994 Active
Beijing Beijing City May, 1980 Active
Guangzhou Guangzhou City April, 2005 Active
Hong Kong Hong Kong October, 1905 Active
Karachi Karachi December, 1955 Sleep
Manila Metro Manila December, 1938 Active
Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam October, 1942 Active
Hanoi Northern Viet Nam, north of Da Nang November, 2011 Active
Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur City and surrounding areas November, 1959 Active
ラングーン ラングーン September, 1955 Sleep
Yangon Myanmar April, 2016 Active
Mongolia Mongolia August, 2014 Active
Sidney Australia February, 1921 Active
Melbourne Melbourne June, 1970 Active
Brisbane Queensland State, Brisbane and environs, Australia June, 2011 Sleep
Perth Western Australia November, 2018 Active
New Zealand April, 1976 Sleep
Chicago Chicago area April, 1968 Active
Oregon Oregon State January, 1966 Sleep
San Francisco San Francisco March, 1908 Active
Los Angeles Los Angeles November, 1956 Active
Dallas Dallas November, 2017 Active
Atlanta Georgia State and neighboring areas April, 1993 Sleep
Houston Houston March, 1972 Active
Nashville Tennessee State and environs January, 1994 Active
New York New York area March, 1906 Active
Hawaii State of Hawaii July, 1989 Active
Seattle Seattle June, 1919 Active
Washington DC Greater Washington October, 1969 Active
Detroit Michigan State September, 2013 Active
Toronto Toronto February, 1965 Active
Vancouver Vancouver City, Canada September, 1963 Active
Montreal Quebec and five eastern seaboard states November, 1969 Sleep
Calgary Alberta State, Calgary City and environs May, 2015 Active
Panama Republic of Panama May, 1981 Sleep
Mexico United Mexican States April, 1986 Active
UAE United Arab Emirates July, 2009 Active
Tehran Iran January, 1970 Active
Doha Qatar February, 2010 Sleep
Kuwait Kuwait April, 1986 Sleep
Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, western area December, 1984 Sleep
Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh City March, 1985 Sleep
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia December, 2015 Sleep
Istanbul Turkey April, 1991 Sleep
Bahrain Bahrain February, 1984 Sleep
London Great Britain May, 1903 Active
Milan, Italy Milan City and environs, Republic of Italy July, 1971 Active
The Netherlands The Netherlands January, 1975 Active
Geneva Geneva City and environs, Switzerland January, 1999 Sleep
Zurich Canton of Zurich, Switzerland July, 1990 Sleep
Madrid Madrid area February, 1993 Sleep
Prague Czech Republic March, 2007 Sleep
Dusseldorf Dusseldorf area May, 1960 Active
Hamburg Hamburg January, 1960 Sleep
Frankfurt Frankfurt and surrounding areas January, 1993 Active
Paris France September, 1974 Active
Brussels Kingdom of Belgium March, 1975 Active
Moscow Moscow City, Russian Federation January, 2009 Active
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires June, 1937 Sleep
Santiago Chile May, 1990 Active
Sao Paulo Sao Paulo area, South America September, 1959 Active
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro State area December, 1973 Sleep
Venezuela Venezuela February, 1992 Sleep
Lima Peru January, 1965 Sleep
Alger North Africa , Algeria March, 1989 Sleep
Cairo Egypt March, 1962 Sleep
Nairobi Kenya and surrounding east African countries April, 2008 Sleep
Johannesburg Johannesburg and other cities in the Republic of South Africa March, 1973 Active
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