Foundation Overview

Purpose of Fundraising

To promote research and education at Hitotsubashi University

Fund Name

Frontier 4 Foundation
(Hitotsubashi University Foundation)

How the Money Is Used

Education and student support and Support for research, international exchange, community outreach

  • Student support: scholarships, dispatch of students overseas; foreign exchange student programs
  • Professional graduate school
  • Incorporation of information technology to enhance the educational environment
  • Campus improvements; extracurricular and welfare facilities, athletic field maintenance
  • Support for research: Creating a fellowship system; establishing an Asian research center
  • International exchange: Dispatch of faculty and graduate students overseas; inviting researchers to Japan and holding international symposia; expanding the University’s international network; establishing an international exchange support center
  • Community outreach: Establishing a university “amenity center”

Fundraising Target

¥ 10 billion

Types of Contributions

  • Individual donors
    Single donation units of ¥10,000 (The donors are also welcome to donate less than one unit.)
  • Corporate donors
    No particular donation unit is defined.

Fundraising Period

January 2007 to March 2011

For more information, contact:
Frontier 4 Foundation Secretariat 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601, Japan
Tel: +81(0)42-580-8888Fax: +81(0)42-580-8888Email:
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