About Josuikai

1. History

The original Koyukai (graduates’ association) was founded in March 1889 at the then Commercial High School.

Renamed Commercial High School Alumni Association in January 1898, and then Tokyo Commercial High School Alumni Association in April 1902.

Officially named Josuikai at the inaugural meeting on November 14, 1914 (the name Josuikai was bestowed by Eichi Shibusawa quoting a passage from an ancient Chinese manuscript). Recognized as an incorporated association by the Minister of Education on August 10, 1916, becoming Josuikai Incorporated.

The Alumni Clubhouse was completed on June 30, 1919 at 1-1 Hitotsubashi-dori courtesy of donations from members with the aim of fostering friendship and common benefit among members, and forming the basis of social activities.

The building was burnt down in the great earthquake of September 1, 1923, and rebuilt in October 1926. Following WWII it was taken over by occupation forces, but has always been maintained by the generous donations of members.

2. Aim and Activities

Aim (Article 4 of Charter) This association aims to assist in achieving the goals and mandate of Hitotsubashi University, contribute to the development of the economy and social culture in our country while promoting friendship and knowledge among members. Activities (Article 5 of Charter)This association conducts the following activities to achieve the aims of the preceding article.

(1) Support and mutual contact with Hitotsubashi University (2) Publication of newsletters (3) Management of the hall (4) Convening lectures and meetings (5) Other activities to achieve the aims of the association

3. Members

The following people may become members of the association.

Full member
(Article 6 of Charter)
Those who are enrolled in or have graduated from Hitotsubashi University undergraduate or post graduate research courses or preexisting schools are eligible to become members of the association.
Honorary member
(Article 14 of Charter)
Honorary members must be recommended by an assembly resolution based on proposal by the chairperson.
Special members
(Article 14 of Charter)
Special members are honorary professors of Hitotsubashi University or those of similar standing who have been proposed by the University and recommended by the board.
(Article 14 of Charter)
Affiliate members are professors of Hitotsubashi University who do not hold the credentials of Article 6 but who are proposed by the University and approved by the board.
Membership fees
Living/Working in Tokyo Area Registration ¥1,000Annual Fee ¥6,500
Outside Tokyo Area Members Living in Japan : Registration¥1,000 Annual Fee ¥4,000
Members Living Overseas : Registration ¥1,000NO Annual Fee

4. Student Member Benefits

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