President Tsuyoshi Okamoto Inaugural Address

It is a great honor to be nominated as President of Josuikai after the former President Mr. Matsumoto. At the same time, I am feeling the heavy responsibility of this position, recalling the long history and tradition of Josuikai that dates back over 100 years.

Mr. Matsumoto has been in office for five years since 2011, establishing the foundation of the newly organized Ippan Shadan Hojin (general incorporated association) Josuikai. He also led the 100th Year Celebration Project and gave support to the Hitotsubashi Foundation and the Study Abroad Program for our university. His huge effort led to stronger cooperation between Hitotsubashi University and Josuikai, and largely contributed to the success of our university toward a new era. I hereto express my utmost respect and gratitude to his services and achievements representing the members.

The mission of the organization is defined in the articles as ‘to support the achievement of the goals and missions of Hitotsubashi University, contribute to further advancement of the politics, economy, society and culture, and to promote the friendship and learning among our members.’

In the mid of a drastic change in international situation, Hitotsubashi University will likely need to respond to increasing issues as a National University Corporation. President Tadenuma announced the “Hitotsubashi University Strengthening Plan” this March, showing the path the university should proceed. Josuikai will strive to support the realization of this plan.

I believe it is important to keep a broad view of contributing to the political, economic, societal and cultural advancement of Japan or the world, instead of merely aiming for the advancement of a single university. Such viewpoint shall lead to the true advancement of the university, and in turn of Josuikai.

Over 30,000 members are networked through Josuikai under the three pillars of location, graduation year and club activities, with a shared passion toward the university. The potential energy of this network is well known. Founding on the fostering of friendship and learning network among the members, I will do my best to contribute to the missions of the association.

I would deeply appreciate for your continuous support and cooperation.Last but not least, I would like to thank the successive directors who have passed on the heavy responsibility and close my inaugural address.

August 2016
President of Josuikai
Tsuyoshi Okamoto



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